Unravellings and Catastrophes

First performed: November 2 & 3, 2013 at Access Theatre

Unravellings email PosterUnravellings and Catastrophes consists of four short plays, each with a plot and c

haracters unrelated to the next and with very different styles, but linked by the thematic exploration of agendas that come undone.  Among the four plays, there are three one acts and a ten minute play.  In the one act, “Weaving,” Henry attempts to juggle his married life with his adulterous life, with poor results.  In “Seeing and Being Seen,” Snyder and Francis are locked in an erotic power struggle, as Snyder tries to help Francis overcome his voyeuristic tendencies.  In “Towed,” Sam attempts to get justice for the towing of his car, but finds himself giving more than he gets.  And, finally, in the ten minute farce, “Dinner with Peter and Polly,” Peter’s paranoia mixed with Polly’s sexual desire ends with the death of Veronica.

written by: Jeffrey Stingerstein

directed by: John Hellweg and Jeffrey Stingerstein

stage managed by: Efthymia Papalexi

lighting design by: Mingyu Dong

set and costume design by: Claire DeLiso

featuring: Spencer Aste; Carissa Marie Dagenais; Daniela Dakich; Jesse Kane-Hartnett; Kellye Rowland; Peter B. Schmitz; Jeffrey Stingerstein; and Sanford Wilson

Unravelling & Catastrophes program