Spring Drafts 2014

spring draftsOn May 10th and 17th, we’ll be celebrating the end of our first season with a play reading series at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn at 4 PM. The plays and playwrights are:

MAY 10th
Gina Femia – Inverted Rainbow (Directed by Taylor Reynolds)
Ryan Skinner – The Ram and the Goat (Directed by Jesse Kane-Hartnett)

MAY 17th
Stacy Davidowitz – Miracle Village (Directed by Daniel Balkin)
Jeffrey Stingerstein – Mercy, Mercy Me

Download a PDF of the full program here.

(For more information about the plays, see below.)

The Ram And The Goat is the story of Boyle, a 32 year old hood working for a local group of trailer park thugs. Boyle is interrogating Clive; Clive, 44, has quite the reputation around town for having done every act of violence and crime you can think of. Set in present day, the play showcases the relationship that develops between these two men. Each of them in many ways has lead the same life and each now must confront their own demons as they deal with one another.

CAST: 2m – Boyle and Clive

The Ram And The Goat is having a reading done of it for the first time here at Spring Drafts.

Inverted Rainbow tells the story of Smith, a man who is in the hospital for seemingly inexplicable reasons.  As his condition deteriorates, he is haunted by memories of his Mama and deceased wife, Rose as they try to get him to confront his problems with  his estranged daughter, Becca.  As the structure of false memories he has built begins to crumble, Smith finds himself being forced to face his past in order to find peace in his death.

Cast: 4f, 1m

Inverted Rainbow has had developmental readings at Sarah Lawrence College and SUNY Purchase College.

Miracle Village tells the story of a self-sufficient, religious community in rural Florida, surrounded by miles of sugar cane farms, and comprised of 100+ sex offenders. Rapists are f*cking scary. But the sex offenders housed in Miracle Village are not the violent rapist-types, they’re the 18 year-old boys who sleep with their 15 year-old girlfriends. The “pray the gay away” men seeking rehabilitation for their homosexuality. The college kids convicted for public urination. And they’re on the sex registry for life, prohibited from residing within 1,000 feet of where children congregate, and finding themselves unable to reintegrate into society. The village was founded in 2009, and media surrounding its existence and related controversies have only started to surface in July-August 2013. In the play, I focus on five registered sex offenders: the 57 year-old Executive Director of Miracle Village, a former Choir teacher, an African American transgender prostitute, a University of Florida frat boy, and a female high school senior. Plus, the Miracle Village Social Worker and her Asperger’s ridden son.

Cast: 2f, 1 male to female transgender, 4m

Miracle Village has had cold readings at Naked Angels’ Tuesdays@9 at Theatre 80 and is in development with Rag and Bone Theater Company.

Jeffrey Stingerstein’s Mercy, Mercy Me tells the story of Jack, a man in his late 70s, as he attempts to reconcile with his estranged son, Robert, after Robert’s husband dies.  Years of familial conflict and identity crises resurface, as they each attempts to have his choices validated by the other.  But it soon becomes clear that both are harboring secrets.

Cast: 2m