Shared Intimacy: Underground

poster01dWhat happens when three playwrights, three actors, and a director are given two weeks to create a thirty minute play about a relationship that is falling apart in a very public place?  We’ll find out in January 2014.  More details to follow.  Show opens January 18th for a limited run, and  audiences are limited to 8 people per performance.

[EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: once you sign up for a show time, send an email to RovingRoots [at] for special instructions about how to attend the show!  Be sure to include your name in the email, so we know to whom we are writing.]

[ABOUT THE LAST SHOW: on 1/25 at 8 PM the show will be at Access Theatre: 380 Broadway, New York, NY 10013.  NO OTHER SHOW IS THERE.  It is well worth seeing the show at Access and at its site specific location in order to see the difference.  There will be a talk-back immediately following the last show.]

Most of us have seen and/or participated in very publicly displayed private-moments in NYC.  Whether it’s the couple making out on the subway, or the couple arguing in the street, our sharing intimate moments with strangers is almost unavoidable.  In this site specific play, a small audience follows a couple as they come to the brink of a break-up during their commute.  Whether the couple will remain together or not is a decision that hangs in the balance in a very public way.

This play is as much about process as it is about story.  And we’ve imbued the very process with a shared responsibility that mirrors a committed relationship, leaving no one in control, and making everyone an integral part of the creative process.  While such shared responsibility is true of all theatre, we’ve magnified this aspect in a few very important ways:

1) Three playwrights are writing a single 30 minute play, each writing two versions of his/her ten minute section, but a different playwright decides which section will be used;

2) Order is randomly assigned;

3) Three actors were selected before the play was written, and the playwrights met the actors, but they do not get to cast the play or write specifically for a particular actor;

4) The director casts the play any way he sees fit, including cross-gender casting, if he so chooses;

5) The play is performed in public to a limited reserved-audience and anyone else who happens to be present– anything could happen!

The creative team includes:

CONCEPT: Jeffrey Stingerstein
PLAYWRIGHTS: Rose Martula, Sarah H. Haught, and Troy Deutsch
DIRECTOR: Jesse Kane-Hartnett
ACTORS: Sarah E. Jacobs, Biniam Tekola, and Audrey Kovár
PRODUCERS: Jeffrey Stingerstein and Jesse Kane-Hartnett

For the January 25th show at Access Theater
STAGE MANAGER: Efthymia Papalexi

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Shared Intimacy_program (iPhone)