The following are the artists we have worked with in the past.

Jeffrey Stingerstein (co-founder/artistic director)

John Hellweg (co-founder)

Jesse Kane-Hartnett (Unravellings and CatastrophesShared Intimacy: UndergroundSpring Drafts 2014; and Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

Kellye Rowland (Unravellings and Catastrophes and Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

Spencer Aste (Unravellings and Catastrophes and Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

Michael DeSantis (Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

Daniela Dakich (Unravellings and Catastrophes and Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

Mingyu Dong (Unravellings and Catastrophes; Shared Intimacy: Underground; and Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

Efthymia Papalexi (Unravellings and Catastrophes and Shared Intimacy: Underground)

Peter B. Schmitz (Unravellings and Catastrophes)

Claire DeLiso (Unravellings and Catastrophes)

Troy Deutsch (Shared Intimacy: Underground)

Rose Martula (Shared Intimacy: Underground)

G. Michelle Robinson (Forgive Us Our Trespasses)

Troy David Mercier (NYC: alone)

Gina Femia (Spring Drafts 2014)

Carissa Maria Dagenais (Unravellings and Catastrophes)

Sarag H. Haught (Shared Intimacy: Underground)

Ryan Skinner (Spring Drafts 2014)

Danielle Leneé (I’m Racist.  What Now?)

Sarah E. Jacobs (Shared Intimacy: Underground)

Audrey Kovár (Shared Intimacy: Underground)

Daniel Balkin (Spring Drafts 2014)

Stacy Davidowitz (Spring Drafts 2014)

Taylor Reynolds (Spring Drafts 2014)

Biniam Tekola (Shared Intimacy: Underground)

Sanford Wilson (Unravellings and Catastrophes)